Siding Replacement

Siding Replacement

Siding is an essential component of any residential or commercial building. Therefore, if you are looking for siding replacement on your building, you may confuse with a broad range of variety that is available for your use. The challenge is that the market has so much to offer to modern day consumers. The best starting point would be choosing the right siding replacement contractor for your building. San Jose Roofing Contractors & Repair Services does an exemplary job when it comes to working on this project.

These professionals will work on your project irrespective of the material that you choose to use. You can be sure of getting a structure that will make your home to stand out in your neighborhood.  Apart from the townhouses, siding can help you in enhancing the curb appeal of your multi-story building. In this article, we will be looking at the various options that are available in the market. You can choose one depending on your desired outcome and budget. San Jose Roofing Contractors & Repair Services will help you to work on your project irrespective of the material. The most important thing is to get a structure that is not only visually appealing but also durable.

Fiber Cement Siding

Wood fiber, cement, and sand form the basis of fiber cement siding. The siding is thicker than vinyl and hence it is more weatherproof than the common vinyl sidings. Because it has very stable components, fiber cement siding does not contract or expand with changes in weather. This siding material can also remain painted for a long period. Several cities around the world have made fiber cement siding a mandatory for any homeowner who wants to do siding replacement. It has weather resistance and low maintenance features making it quite affordable and easy to get a new cladding.

Engineered Wood Siding

The latest siding replacement material is the engineered wood option. This cladding is manufactured from sawdust, bonding wood shavings, and other bonding agents so as to develop a wood-like an appearance. It has inherent features of wooden finish and strength that allow you to factory paint the material and makes it largely weather resistant. You need to paint it after every 5 to 10 years and this enhances the structural integrity of engineered wood sidings. The material has a wood-like feel that come with long life expectancy than natural wood. The material comes with a fifty-years warranty against rot and defects.

Vinyl Siding

Most people prefer the vinyl siding that is crafted from PVC. Most single home families like to use this siding. The challenge with vinyl siding is that it tends to warp during the early days due to prolonged exposure. The new technology has made it durable and can resemble natural wood. Stine and slate textures of vinyl sliding do not damage in extreme climatic conditions. The only challenge with vinyl siding is that you will have to replace the entire section because you cannot just paint them over. It is an inexpensive option that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Insulated Siding

This comes with an added advantage of insulation and is designed to fit glued inside and vinyl sidings. The other type of vinyl siding is bonded with a core foam and has expanded polystyrene as the main insulation material. It prevents heat loss by creating a heat barrier. This siding material lays better than traditional ones and works quite well for irregular walls. Because of insulation, energy bills are lower and heat loss is minimized. However, you need to understand that this material is more expensive than vinyl sidings.

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